Sea food

The abundance of marine life in Adriatic Sea guaranties always fresh delicacies in our kitchen: Adriatic squids, shellfish, lobster, shrimps and variety of white and blue fish can always be found on our menu.

  • 750 Kn

    Grilled Lobster

    Lobster, parsley, garlic, olive oil, salad

  • 350 Kn

    Warm Fish Plate (for 2 persons)

    Octopus salad, tuna pate, goldfish or sea-bass, fried calamari, roasted squids, fried sardines, fried smelt, tuna fillet, various shellfish, shrimps, mackerel

  • 250 Kn

    Shrimp buzara

    Shrimps, bread crumbs, garlic, olive oil

  • 99 Kn

    Black risotto

    Cuttlefish, rise, garlic, olive oil

  • 60 Kn

    Mussels buzara

    Mussels, bread crumbs, garlic, olive oil

  • 120 Kn

    Grilled tuna steak

    Tuna steak, seasonal vegetables or pommes frites

  • 100 Kn

    Shark filet

    Shark filet, seasonal vegetables or pommes frites

  • 110 Kn

    Grilled squid

    Squids, seasonal vegetables or pommes frites

Meat dishes

To those that enjoy in nice juicy piece of meat, we can offer many different meals prepared from meat carefully chosen by our chef and freshly delivered to our restaurant.

  • 250 Kn

    Meat Plate (for 2 persons)

    Pork chops, grilled meat on the sticks, hamburger steaks, grilled meat dumplings, chicken breasts, sausages, bacon, grilled seasonal vegetables, pommes frites, onion

  • 165 Kn

    Grilled beefsteak

    Beefsteak, seasonal vegetables or pommes frites

  • 180 Kn

    Beefsteak in green pepper sauce

    Beefsteak, green paper, potatoes

  • 100 Kn

    Wiener Schnitzel

    Deep fried veal escalope, pommes frites


If you are looking for a light meal or appetizer to start your menu with, choose from different typical Mediterranean salads prepared from fresh local ingredients.

  • 250 Kn

    Cold Fish Plate (for 2 persons)

    Smoked tuna, smoked swordfish, octopus carpaccio, octopus salad, anchovy fillets, shrimp coctail, tuna pate, codfish pate

  • 79 Kn

    Octopus salad

    Octopus, potatoes, parsley, onion, olive oil

  • 79 Kn

    Tuna salad

    Tuna, rocket salad, red salad, corn, egg, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil

  • 60 Kn

    Chicken salad

    Chicken, tomatoes, mozzarella, lettuce, olive oil, lemon juice


Any delicious deserts will perfectly encircle your meal in our restaurant, so you just need to choose a perfect one for you.

  • 20 Kn


    Pancakes with chocolate or jam

  • 35 Kn

    Pancakes with ice cream

    Pancakes, ice cream

  • 35 Kn

    Fruit salad

    Various fruits

  • 40 Kn

    Banana split

    Banana, ice cream, whiped cream